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Upcoming Critique Mk III and updates

8. June 2011

Hello to our faithful fans and followers. Just as an update, the new MK III Critique post will be up this week. I had planned on having it done today but my photo editing software went haywire so I’m doing a full re-install. So its coming later than expected, also in the pipeline is our post-con impressions of this year’s Animazement 14. This con’s critique is going to be great, plus we have a special critique in store later this summer thanks to KT (one of Animazement’s Yoko cosplayers) and her upcoming trip to Otakon! So stay tuned!

In other news, Tobias and myself have recently reunited IRL and he is now living in the same city as myself. This should help the updates come a little more regularly and the content should improve as well as we can collaborate face-to-face and not chat-to-chat.

Speaking of Tobias, he started doing this whole Tumblr tumbling re-blogging photo thing that is way beyond me. But if you are a fan of Gainax like he is then you should check it and re-tumble (?) his stuff: Gainax Fuck Yeah I’m sure fanboys/girls will rejoice at the tumble of images.

As a final note I thought it might be useful for everyone if I included a list of the cons we will be attending and have attended as of right now. This list could change later, and if it does substantially I’ll make a new post about it.

That’s the list for now, I hope we see a lot of Yokos out there! If you are interested in meeting us, or want to arrange to have your cosplay critiqued just comment here and we’ll start a correspondence. Until later this week.

Simeón out

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