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The Yoko Critic proper would like to make a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

29. October 2010

We here at The Yoko Critic (specifically me, Simeon) would like to clear up some misunderstandings on the part of both us and the world at large. This post is to address the recent “controversy” over my last Yoko Mk II critique. Due to an error on my part, the cosplayer in case study number 2 was unaware that she would be appearing on our blog and has requested that her critique and photos be taken down which we have done as promptly as possible.

I would like to first make clear that we are not setting a precedent. This is the first and final time we will be removing a critique from this blog. As I have clearly stated in both of the posts thus far and I will continue to state each time I proceed in making these posts: nothing about these critiques is personal so do not get your feelings hurt if I pick you apart, these critiques are only about the costume so it’s not as if I have attacked the cosplayer themselves or said they are ugly or something like that. Second as I have also stated; this blog is about myself and Tobias’ interests and opinions. If you do not like them, please feel free to leave. Last and most importantly I would like to point out that the back of the AWA badge states, and I quote:

“In accepting this badge, the holder consents to being photographed (on film, tape, or digital) for exhibition in all media.”

Therefore we at The Yoko Critic do not need a cosplayer’s permission to take and post photographs to this blog. We hand out flyers and speak with cosplayers because we respect them and want them to be aware of what is going to happen. If we forget to hand out a flyer please do not tell us we do not have the right to do what we are doing, because legally we do. I do not know if this is true for all cons but be aware that we will check the fine print of the future cons we attend.

This has been a PSA from your friendly Yoko critic.

Simeon out.

Edit: (Tobias:) What Simeon said.

Too many people on the internet felt insulted that we dare critique cosplay costumes, even if it is a one-character shtick. To those people, I’ll say the same thing they said to me: Get a Life. A little constructive criticism never hurt anyone, except for the ones too immature to take it, but for those people, I’ll once again issue the above directive: Get a Life. We decided to take down this particular cosplayer’s pictures not just because she asked us to; she described to me a series of unfortunate circumstances beyond her control that negatively impacted her costume.

Once again, I want to issue my own sincere apologies to the girl in question and to her alone. I hope more of you guys wake up and realize we’re not doing this to pick apart anybody or hurt their feelings, but work toward better costumes and art. What’s so wrong about that?

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  1. Patrick permalink
    3. November 2010 7:11 pm

    Tell them to shut up or GTFO!

  2. Lola permalink
    10. February 2011 11:32 pm

    Wow, I can’t see how people could be offended by your commentary. You critiqued everyone SO tastefully, which no one ever does these days! In fact, I WELCOME any and all critique to my cosplays (including my Yoko cosplay) and I enjoy seeing what I can improve upon! In fact, critique is what has motivated me to upgrade my Yoko cosplay recently, and I’m so glad that I listened to what others had to say.

    Besides, no matter what critique you receive from anyone, you should feel totally 100% sure of yourself in the costume, because then you don’t get offended when people analyze your cosplay. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t /listen/ to what they have to say, as long as they’re not saying things like “Oh my God, this Yoko is like, sooooo ugly and cheap-looking! Blahblahblahihaveselfesteemissueswaaah”, and whatnot xD Because that’s not critique at all; it’s just rude.

    I mean no offense to any of the Yoko cosplayers by any of the above~ Just making observations. I apologize if that came out as rude.

  3. handsome pete permalink
    22. May 2011 12:14 pm

    You can’t honestly say “there’s no way I would remove a critique,” of course there’s a way, you even did it once before. “Precedent” is just a big word for that, so yes, you did set a precedent.

    • Simeon permalink*
      22. May 2011 4:46 pm

      1. Law . a legal decision or form of proceeding serving as an authoritative rule or pattern in future similar or analogous cases.

      The key here is “serving as an authoritative rule or pattern in future similar…cases” I am not setting a precedent because that implies I will use this decision to make similar decisions in the future. We researched this critique further and discovered she did indeed receive a flyer and was informed of what would happen so she was not wronged. In the future I will not be removing any critiques unless I have done something to wrong the individual involved. And since my critiques are objective, focusing only on the costume itself and not on the person wearing it, I do not think that will be an issue.

      -Simeon out

  4. 30. May 2011 12:58 am

    I think if you plan to make a website about criticizing particular people’s costumes, that’s not a BAD thing, and can be quite informative and helpful. However, I suggest you make sure your subjects know before they agree to let pictures be taken that you plan to blog about them, out of courtesy. Many people have objectively legitimate reasons for having malfunctions or unfinished parts of their costume, and they may want to further improve things before they have their work publicized and critiqued. This isn’t about rights, it’s more about being polite. Your critiques themselves are all in a very good tone, so it is ideal to keep yourself respectful and inform the people you’re using to keep your blog going so they will support your work as well.

    • Simeon permalink*
      30. May 2011 7:02 am

      Whenever we take photos of a Yoko cosplayer at a convention we hand them a flyer with our web address and let them know that they will appear on the blog in about a week. So if they let us know that they do not want to be on the blog between that time and the time of the post we will not put their photos on the blog for the critique.

      -Simeon out

    • Simeon permalink*
      2. June 2011 7:54 am

      KT I received your last comment but I feel this is a conversation we should have in private, that being said this is exciting news! Could I have your email address so that we could correspond about this more thoroughly?

      -Simeon out


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