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Yoko Critique Mk II

26. September 2010

It’s that time again everyone! Now that Tobias and myself have returned from AWA XVI and have recovered from our post-con depression I have finally sorted through all the photos I’ve taken and can proudly present to you our next Yoko critique. As I’ve stated before this isn’t personal and I try and look at each cosplay objectively so do not get your feelings all hurt if I think your cosplay is not a 5 out of 5. I would though like to apologize in advance about some of the poor photo quality compared to Animazement’s Yoko critique; the main photo taking areas of AWA are much less well-lit and have very little natural lighting. Since these photos are usually spur-of-the-moment I do not have time to really set up professional shots; this is as good as it gets. But hey, lets get started, because we have SIX Yokos to look at.

As always lets start with our reference photos.

Standing and detail shots

Action and under-boob shot

Once again we will be using the following categories: Details (All the small nit-picky things), Rifle, Attitude, Overall Appearance, and Zettai Ryouiki (Which will be graded purely on how accurate it is compared to the actual Yoko Littner’s Absolute Territory). And again these are presented in the chronological order in which we encountered the cosplayers.

Case Study 1

First Yoko of AWA XVI !

Front view

Side view, with a very cute Nia I might add.

Details: The basics are covered pretty well here; Skull hair clip on left side of the head, big studded bracelets, chopsticks, rifle, flames on top and boots as well as the scarf. Its nice to see the rectangles cut out of the gloves, I have noticed a lot of cosplayers leave out this detail. The boots are also a decent replication of the same style boot Yoko wears instead of generic cowboy boots. That being said, lets get nitpicky: The first thing I notice here is that there are no HUGE ZIPPERS on these boots which is a very basic detail in my book; next is the belt which is missing both the two lines of studs as well as the solid rectangular belt buckle; as we move up we see that the top, though it has pretty good flames, is too thick in the straps (they should be strings) and the bottom tie should be red instead of black; finally we have the scarf which is missing the red stripes that separate the pink and white sections. Since I enjoy getting REAL picky I will point out that the left glove does not come past her elbow.

Rifle: First I’ll say this is one of the two Yokos at AWA with a rifle. So to all you potential Yoko Littner cosplayers out there; YOKO NEEDS A RIFLE. Being Yoko without a rifle is like cosplaying Cloud Strife without his Buster Sword. As for this particular rifle I feel that for being made primarily of cardboard it looks pretty good. The rifle is missing the following parts though; two pink stripes near the end of the barrel, tripod stand, knobs on the scope, and the pink shoulder strap. That being said, I am glad this is not a generic rifle and can easily be recognized as Yoko’s.

Attitude: This cosplayer is definitely bringing out Yoko’s cute, playful side. She was very receptive to photography even after posing for quite a few other photographers for which I was grateful. Even while acting the part of playful Yoko she seemed very confident in her cosplay.

Zettai Ryouiki: This cosplayer is wearing about a grade C Zettai Ryouiki while Yoko’s is a grade B. She needs to pull the stockings up about 8 cm.

Overall Appearance: This cosplayer did a good job in general. While the details I mentioned (especially the zippers) detract from the outfit for a critic such as myself, her overall good attitude and the fact that she has a rifle really helps to overcome detail oriented short-comings. Also, because this cosplayer seems capable of such a thing: UNDER-BOOB.

Final Grade: 3/5

Case Study 2

Due to some “controversy” this study has been deleted. Please see this post for an explanation.

Case Study 3

Contestant number three!

Pierce the heavens with your drill!

She knows she’s a bad-ass

Details: First and foremost my compliments on the orange glasses. I stated in my last critique that these are often not a part of Yoko cosplays and it always makes me happy to see them. Hair, chopsticks, and hair clip all looking good here and those bracelets look great. The flames are looking nice as well, although they should extend to the bottom of the bikini top (making the bottom string red) and up the back of the boots. The scarf is also an A+. So lets dissect whats missing here: While I really do like these boots a lot the large zipper is once again missing and the zipper should be on the outside of the boot. The belt is missing the silver buckle and has three rows of studs instead of two; the shorts could also stand to be about 10 cm shorter. The only other detail I can see missing here is in the gloves; the long left hand glove is not really very long and I am not sure if the gloves have the rectangles cut out, though it looks as though they are not.

Rifle: Once again N/A

Attitude: I really enjoyed this cosplayer’s “I’m a bad-ass” attitude. When I asked for a photo she did not hesitate at all to strike a pose; I am especially fond of the classic “TO THE SURFACE!” pose. She was confident and ready, just like Yoko Littner should be.

Zettai Ryouiki: Unfortunately this is the part of the outfit that is really suffering. Tights at this height are a D grade at best and as I have stated, Yoko is consistently sporting a B grade. These stockings need to come WAY UP; it’s all about what is not being shown that is important to a good ZR.

Overall Appearance: This is a solid Yoko cosplay; not perfect but not bad at all. The item (or lack thereof) detracting most from this outfit is again the lack of rifle. The under-performing Zettai Ryouiki is also a disappointment and one that could be easily remedied. Her willingness to “bring it” for the camera pulled things together and helps to overshadow some of the missing details.

Final Grade: 2.5/5

Case Study 4

I caught our fourth Yoko outside, so the lighting is much better

Is that UNDER-BOOB I see??

Yes, it sure it

Details: This cosplayer has paid a good deal of attention to the detail of the outfit, and once again the use of a vinyl-like material really enhances the cosplay. This is the first and only Yoko of the con that has included the required HUGE ZIPPERS on the boots, with the added bonus of zipper-like detailing along the opening. The flames are rock solid all over and the red bottom string is present. The scarf is very well done, though I’m pretty sure it came from a dealer’s room somewhere. She has excellent studded bracelets, belt, and belt buckle as well as some pretty solid looking chopsticks. So what are my problems here? Well for starters, the skull hairpiece is on the wrong side of her head. The gloves, while having some kind of holes cut out of them, are missing the proper rectangular openings. The only other detail I see as a problem here is that the tights a just a few shades to pink.

Rifle: N/A (which is unfortunate because it keeps this cosplay from really being top-notch)

Attitude: Myself and this cosplayer were both hurrying towards a Gurren Lagann photoshoot happening through the courtyard of the hotel, so we were both in a bit of a hurry. I was not sure if I would get a chance to photograph just her once the whole shoot started so I asked her to stop for some photos, which she obliged to kindly. Her pose is relaxed but confident and while she is not personifying any particular aspect of Yoko here, her coolness in front of the camera and overall confidence made for good photographing.

Zettai Ryouiki: Like most Yoko cosplayers, this ZR is a C grade. Also, her right stocking is higher than the left, but this is probably because we were running towards the cameras.

Overall Appearance: This is a great Yoko cosplay. With only a few minor details awry, the only thing really holding this outfit back is the lack of the iconic rifle. The zippers look good; the vinyl adds an excellent touch; and I believe this is the cosplayer’s real hair, not a wig, which is a super bonus. I would also like to add; this is the first Yoko cosplayer on The Yoko Critic to have proper under-boob. Thank you for your fan service.

Final Grade: 3/5 (with a decent rifle, it would easily be a 4)

Case Study 5

I caught this cosplayer during the Gurren Lagann photoshoot

Thank goodness for outdoor lighting

This is Yoko’s sexy pose

Details: All the basic components of a Yoko outfit are present here and overall the cosplay is put together decently. Again, I feel like this scarf came from a dealer’s room which is inevitable at this point in Gurren Lagann’s history. I think though that the skull hairpiece is hand-made which is a bonus. Let’s begin at the bottom and work our way up: the boots this cosplayer is wearing are some kind of rubber rain boot and the flames were coloured in with permanent marker which seems a little distracting, more importantly though is that not only are the lacking zippers, but instead have some kind of buckle and strap; the belt here is lacking any kind of studs at all and I would rather see a belt with more or less rows of studs than needed rather than no studs at all; this cosplayer is not wearing any kind of bracelets, much less giant studded ones; while the left glove does come over the elbow both gloves lack any kind of cut-out; the last problem I see is the flames on the top. I am not sure what they are made of or how, but they are falling off and wrinkled awkwardly. Also: bottom red string.

Rifle: . . . . . .really?

Attitude: Great attitude and photo-willingness! After the “All Yokos” shot of the photoshoot I approached this cosplayer about a couple of shots and she gave me a great “I’m Yoko and I’m hot” pose. As far as in-characterness we interacted very little because of all the photos being taken and shots being set up so I cannot comment on that.

Zettai Ryouiki: By far the best Zettai Ryouiki of the con. I would grade this as a B grade right along with Yoko’s.

Overall Appearance: This is an alright Yoko outfit. Nothing here really jumps out at me as exceptional as far as detailing is concerned. The boots are quite distracting from the cosplay and overall I am left wanting more. The best parts are easily the Zettai Ryouiki and the cosplayer’s confidence in front of the camera.

Final Grade: 2.5/5

Case Study 6

And now for our final Yoko cosplay of AWA XVI, for which we need a new reference photo:

Without giving away any spoilers for those who have not seen either the series or the OVAs I’ll just say that this is bounty hunter Yoko. I searched Google far and wide and the best overall shot of her I could find is of Alter’s 1/8th scale Yoko Littner ‘Bounty Hunter Version’ PVC. For more images of this mini check out

What is that? A rifle you say?

Why yes, that is a rifle

Details: The top here looks great, as do the flames on both it and the boots, but the most obviously missing details here are Yoko’s duster and pistol sidearm. These parts of the outfit are a very important part of what sets Bounty Hunter Yoko apart from normal Yoko and the costume suffers for not having them. As far as the actual boots are concerened they are a good, tall boot but should be open more on the top and the zippers down the side shouldn’t be visible; they are also missing the red chevron-like markings that encircle them. While not visible with the current reference image, if you check out the Polyvinyl Crush website you can see that Yoko is wearing some kind of long white fingerless glove sleeve (is that even an object?) which this cosplayer is lacking. The two items that strike me as most odd here though are the orange glasses and white belt, neither of which are present on Bounty Hunter Yoko, only on regular Yoko. A better option would have been a black studded belt, even though it looks as if the studs are built right into Bounty Hunter Yoko’s shorts.

Rifle: Thank Gainax this cosplayer has included a rifle! The construction seems a bit flimsy, especially in the stock area and the scope. But the markings are correct and the pink shoulder strap is included. This rifle is also missing the tripod and the knobs usually present on the scope.

Attitude: This cosplayer’s attitude to being photographed was indifferent at best. She did not bring much to the camera and completely turned away during my second shot, giving me the impression she wasn’t interested in being photographed to begin with. As I have stated previously: if you are going to cosplay at a con please be prepared to be stopped for photos consistently, if you do not want to be photographed you should bring a change of clothes.

Zettai Ryouiki: Bounty Hunter Yoko does not portray Zettai Ryouiki in any sort of the traditional sense. Regular Yoko already presses the boundaries of ZR by wearing tiny shorts instead of a skirt; Bounty Hunter Yoko does away with tight altogether which really makes this NOT Zettai Ryouiki. At the very least the boots need to be about 15 cm taller.

Overall Appearance: At first I did not realize this was an alternate version of Yoko and was confused at the colour scheme. If at least the duster had been included then I probably would have gotten the hint sooner. The top is the best part of this outfit by far, and I am ecstatic that she decided to have a rifle. The lack of main outfit items paired with the strange inclusion of normal outfit accessories really brings down the cosplay though.

Final Grade: 2/5

There we have it my fellow geeks, I hope everyone has enjoyed this look at Yoko cosplay. Please remember to stay tuned-in because in the following weeks I will be adding a Yoko cosplay gallery so you don’t have to go searching through old posts trying to find your favorite cosplayer! As always I welcome your comments, agreements, disagreements, and hate mail in the comments section.

Simeon out.

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  1. 26. September 2010 11:46 am

    The 3rd Yoko you rated was my friend. I was the Simon who followed her along the way through AWA. I agree 100% with your critic. I believe she did a great job. She always tells me how she takes the most pride in her Yoko cosplay.

    Honestly she has a rifle, we just did’nt bring it for ONE reason, we made it to a realistic scale so it is VERY large and hard to carry. But, eh, we really did’nt care. AWA was really fun and we hope to see you guys at the next con you hit! Maybe this time we’ll be ready to score the highest!
    For now we’ll just grit those teeth!

  2. 26. September 2010 4:32 pm

    Hello! I was one of the Yoko’s from this past week’s AWA , and I appreciate your Critique. After reading your review, now I am motivated to strive to add those “missing elements” into my cosplay. I also plan to attempt at cosplaying all OVA and original outfit design’s of Yoko Ritona.What cons do you usually travel to in the Atlanta area? I find your site very interesting and will be following your updates!

  3. Yokಠ_ರೃ permalink
    26. September 2010 7:29 pm

    I was the last Yoko you critiqued

    Just to let you guys know it’s actually an original tribute cosplay I made up myself. (this is a photo from last year.)
    I choose the bounty hunter color scheme because the colors would pop out better on me and instead of the trench coat I wore Kamina’s cape. I had put the cape back in my car because it was really hot and became a pain to walk in as the day progressed.

    I admit I was in a hurry that night (my boyfriend and I were trying to get to a panel.) However I didn’t turned away because I was in a hurry but because there were other people who wanted to take my photo as well. I wasn’t aware that you were going to take more than one shot. 😮 all you had to do was say “one more” or something and I would have obliged. Sorry! I’m no mind reader. ❤

  4. Hikari-chan permalink
    25. October 2010 4:17 pm

    Okay. I gotta admit…I’m a tad bit offended ^^;;; When you asked for my picture at AWA, I just thought you were a friendly photographer–not some one who finds it their personal right to judge another cosplayer’s costume and post their opinion on their website WITH OUT the cosplayer’s permission 😦 Yeah, my costume isn’t the greatest but I have a lot of fun wearing Yoko. I’m my own worst critic and I know for a fact A LOT of things were missing in my cosplay. I left my rifle in the car, my stockings were indeed too pink, I lost my bracelet and my orange glasses at the con. These were details that I was already fretting over but I hoped no one would notice and just enjoy the fact that I was having fun and cosplaying Yoko. I would have really wished you would have told me you were going to critique my costume first before uploading my pics and making a comment on every little detail 😦 I’d like to politely ask you to take it down because I’m insecure enough over how my costume looked at AWA XD If you want, I’ll provide you more pictures of when my cosplay is at its best so you can critique instead of when I was scurrying around the con, hoping no one would notice my epic failure =3=;

    • 25. October 2010 5:10 pm

      I sent you an email in regards to the critique. I’ll see what I can about your entry ASAP.

  5. Hikari-chan permalink
    25. October 2010 4:34 pm

    I was the second Yoko, by the way. As I said before, I looked crappy at AWA when you asked for my pics. So if you really want to critique me, check out my account where I have pics from AWA and I’m actually more prepared.

  6. Simeon permalink*
    28. October 2010 7:37 pm

    To case study number 2: your part of the critique has been deleted and please read our new post later this evening for some clarification on what has happened.

    To the other Yoko cosplayers who have commented I apologize for not commenting sooner but thank you for your constructive comments and motivation to be even more awesome!

    As for the final Yoko, thank you for the information. I will be sure to be more engaging with cosplayers from now on, especially when it comes to alternate costumes I do not recognize off-hand.

  7. 3d Yoko permalink
    28. October 2010 8:10 pm

    Finally found this haha. Thanks for the compliments, I actually didn’t realize my skull was on the wrong side till after the con, I was just so tired from traveling the day before I forgot to double check. Usually I wear it right haha. I do have a rifle, but! I’m from canada, and was flying over and didn’t want to risk it being damaged/being hassled by security. This con was my last hurrah for Yoko this year, so I didn’t really give it my all and handwaved things I forgot at home (like her protective glasses and the rifle) Sorry you didn’t get to see it in it’s prime!

  8. Iico permalink
    20. March 2011 1:02 pm

    I love all these critiques! I’ll be cosplaying as Yoko for MTAC goes to 11 this year! If you’re going to be in the area there’s supposed to be quite a few of us cosplaying as Yoko, with all of us wearing different outfits of her’s.

    We hope we see you around! :3


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