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Who the hell is this guy?

25. May 2010

Good evening interwebs, Simeon Cogswell here making his first appearance as an actual contributor to TheYokoCritic instead of just working behind the scenes and leaving the face time to The Good Dr. Tobias. So lets do some introductions shall we? As our faithful readers have probably gathered, Tobias is this site’s goto for industry news. He has a lot of good things to say and share concerning the geek world at large as well as how we affect the nerd industry and vice versa. Where does this leave me? Well I’m your local fanboy. My geeky concerns include anime; gaming of the war, RPG, board, and video sort; steampunk; as well as general fantasy and sci-fi. Also: Zettai Ryouiki. My goal here is to provide the dear readers here a glimpse into my geekishness and share whatever awesomeness I happen upon. This includes reviews of anime that I’ve recently seen (note that it is anime I’VE recently seen, not necessarily what is the newest and hottest). Links to nerdy things I think you might enjoy. And whatever else I thinks is rad. So I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Speaking of things I have to offer, I’d like to offer this up as my first contribution to your geek/nerd delight: Scrub Club Records. Ever since Tobias introduced me to MC Frontalot I’ve been absorbing Nerd Core Hip-Hop like Piccolo absorbs other Namekians. And thanks to I stumbled upon this entire Nerd Core recording studio. You guys need to check this out, they have over a dozen artists and all the music is FREE. Yeah, FREE. They accept your kind donations (which you should do so these guys stick around) and put out a lot of music. A brief bio: They are a to-hell-with-profit record studio based out of Kansas started by MadHatter. They’ve got artists signed from all over the USA and to quote their website;

“We have serious music, tracks to make you laugh, storytelling, spoken word, remixes… there’s something for everyone. And currently, with the addition of a rock group and electronic musician, we are expanding our reach, expertise, and understanding to what the listener wants and needs.”

My personal recommendations thus far are 8Bit Bullshit by MadHatter, Unlimited by Dr. Awkward, and the compilation album Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo.

I could go on and on about how amazing this outfit is, but go check it out yourselves Scrub Club Records.

Everyone stay tuned, Tobias and myself are heading to Animazement in Raleigh, NC this weekend. Be prepared for a SERIOUS YOKO CRITIQUE. We’re TheYokoCritic for a reason.

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