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The Decade in Nerd-review, or an Introduction to Nostalgia

31. December 2009

Those who know me well know, and those who follow along with TheYokoCritic will know, that of all the myriad emotions humanity is capable of, nostalgia is my absolute favorite.  Whether by a familiar smell, a long-forgotten song, or the sight of an old friend, nostalgia inspires deep feeling in me. As both the year and decade draw to a close, it is hard for me not to reminisce about my life over the past ten years.

And what a decade! I started it on the cusp of high school, playing my first game of Dungeons & Dragons with the 3rd Edition Starter Box. Ten years ago today, in fact, my best friend, brother, and I braved through the supposed Y2K epidemic with dice and pencils in hand. How different things were back then; we were driven by our hobbies rather than the rat race of social expectations and responsibilities.

Things changed over the next four years, the coming of age ceremony known as high school. I struggled on many fronts then; like many nerds, high school for me was an experience best buried behind the present. It culminated in the death of my mother, who struggled with breast cancer for two years. The initial grief ended eventually, but her death reached out over the years to effect many aspects of my life.

I seem to be focusing on the negative, so let me switch gears. The past decade did everything it could to cultivate the nerd in me. I never had the chance to feel awkward about my hobbies, having enough outside influence to reinforce them. Most of my friends, and many other people I know, played computer games online, to some extent. Specifically, I’m referring to StarCraft and Team Fortress Classic. I didn’t really get to play much D&D until college, when I found most of my current friends in the local anime club. I’m surrounded by people who share my interests and outlook, and I can’t really ask for more.

There will always be a plethora of memories for me in this first decade of the 21st century. I can hope only to cherish the good times and learn from the bad.

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  1. pattymac permalink
    1. January 2010 12:12 am

    It was a simpler time back then. The good old days.

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